Bible Resources

We know that reading and studying the Bible can seem daunting, confusing, and overwhelming.  Where do I start? I don’t understand what it is talking about? Why does this matter? That is exactly why we are studying the gospel of Mark this semester as a youth ministry, and we hope you join us!

As we study, here are some helpful resources for you, your family, and anyone looking to dive deeper into the Bible and know more about who God is and who God is calling us to be.

Join Us!

Reading Guide

Click here for a helpful guide to reading and discussing the Bible with REAP to aid in your daily reading and STER to help in your weekly group discussion!

Bible Project

Enjoy art pages and videos that help you better understand the Bible, books of the Bible, and how it all fits together with Bible Project, click here!

Study Bibles

Study Bibles like these have amazing notes within the pages and having one of your own allows you to take notes and come back to them over time! CEB Student Bible & NIV Life Application Bible

Bible App: Different Translations

This free app by Life.Church has amazing resources, translations, audio Bibles, reading plans, and more!

For Everyone Series

A series for every book of the bible that helps you take a deeper dive into the background and implications of the scripture.

Ready to get to know Jesus?

Join us in our study of the Gospel of Mark and get to know about Jesus and also come to know Jesus and how he can change your life!

Join Us!