Week of Prayer

This is a critical time in our country. Because we believe in the power and impact of joining together in prayer, we’re inviting everyone to give this week, Nov. 1 – 7th to God in prayer. Together, we want to pray for our country, our community, our church, our neighbors, and pray united as an undivided heart church. Every hour of this week, all 168 hours, we want to have someone praying. Even if this seems challenging, we encourage you to join us! You can click the button to sign up for an hour and we’ll reach out with a suggestions and resources for how you can spend your hour of prayer!

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How to Spend Your Hour in Prayer

After reserving your hour of prayer, we’ll provide you with this prayer resource that will give you different ways you can spend your hour in prayer and reimagine what it means to pray. This can include:
– A music playlist to listen to
– Memory verses to memorize
– Guided prayers
– Prayer requests to pray over
– Family prayer resources

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Hour in Prayer Guide

Family Prayer Resource