Village Gatherings

While we cannot currently gather as a large group, we are excited to embark on a new chapter of The Village, one that will continue to serve our mission of taking ordinary people and making them disciples who make disciples who change the world! Over the next several months, we will become a network of gatherings called Village Gatherings. These gatherings will meet at homes and neighborhoods throughout the week to stream in worship services, sing, pray, and connect with one another – while still safely abiding by guidelines to avoid the risks of COVID-19.

Join us in the initiative by reading and watching the materials below and signing up to host or attend a Village Gathering!

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What is A Village Gathering?

Village Gatherings are smaller groups of anywhere from 5-25 people that meet in places like backyards, driveways, parks, neighborhood common spaces, and homes, to join together to connect with God and pray together. Village Gatherings may watch The Village Online worship service together, spend time in communal prayer, and / or sit and discuss the message together. While every gathering may look a little different, they’re all about connecting with God and one another!

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There are three elements we hope every Village Gathering will include:

This is all about connecting to God. Participating in The Village Online together is one way you could do this. Village Gatherings invite discussions about a Bible reading and allow people to share how God’s been at work in their lives.

This is all about connecting to each other. At Village Gatherings you can greet each other, check-in with each other and, most importantly pray for one another.

This is all about connecting with other people and loving and serving your neighbors. If you’re meeting in a neighborhood, Village Gatherings can find ways to serve your actual neighbors or invite them to join you!

Why Village Gatherings?

To better understand how we came to this decision and why we believe it best furthers our mission both while navigating our the current health situation and for the future of our church, check out this video from Pastor Travis providing an update on our regathering plan!

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Any Questions?

Here are some more commonly asked questions about our Village Gatherings!

In an effort to love all of our neighbors and be a place where everyone feels welcome, we have placed some precautions in place for our Village Gatherings that we ask everyone to follow. You can find the full list here: Village Gathering Safety Measures.

Under the advice of our COVID Health Team, until The Village is able to enter later Regathering Levels, we are unable to provide childcare to groups or gatherings. Therefore, the comfort level in hosting kids is a decision made by each Village Gathering host. While some Gatherings welcome kids, know that any child attending a Village event is asked to follow social distancing practices and remain exclusively with their family / pod during the event.

We’d love to have you join us at a Village Gathering! All you have to do is click the link and submit a quick form that tells us what you’re looking for in a gathering. We’ll reach out with details on potential groups that’d be a fit in your area. If none are available, we’d be happy to help you start your own!

All you have to do is click the button below to get started! Let us know you’d like to host and we’ll provide you with resources and training to make the process easy. While we have suggestions as to how to host a gathering, you are welcome to make it your own as well and form the environment into what’s best for your guests!

We’ll See You Soon!

We’re excited to see you and worship together at one of our Village Gatherings! Click the link below to register to attend or host a Village Gathering!

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