For too long, the Church in our culture has been known for what it’s against. Almost four years ago, we set out to change that. We want to be known for what we’re FOR. We’re for people, for each other, for love, for hope, for purpose, and for the community. We’re for the community because we believe that God is for the community. And as it says in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

From the beginning, the vision of The Village wasn’t to build a great church for us, it was to build a great church for the community. Today marks the beginning of a new journey for The Village; building a more permanent church home, a 24/7 ministry center, so that we can continue to passionately pursue God’s call for us and be a church For The Community.

On this page you’ll find more information about the For The Community campaign including an FAQ, an online commitment card, our full-campaign guide, and a quick overview of some special upcoming services!

Our Story

The Village started four years ago with 60 people crammed into a living room to pray and dream has now grown beyond imagination:

  • Almost 600 people meeting weekly across two services

  • Over 250 children per month are hearing about the love of Jesus at Village Kids on Sunday mornings

  • More than 100 teenagers are learning what it means to follow Jesus at Village Youth on Sunday nights

  • Over 100 people have said “yes” to following Jesus through baptism and/or public profession of faith

  • More than $350,000 has been given away to local organizations and ministries, each making a deep impact on the community

As we continue to grow, it’s becoming increasingly clear that our lack of a permanent facility is holding us back from doing all of the good that God has called us to do for the community.


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In the Spring of 2018, we purchased a 23-acre property at 7224 Old Burkitt Rd, and a single-family home sitting on four acres of land at 7236 Old Burkitt Rd. It is on these 27 acres that our future 24/7 ministry center will be built.

Our hope is to fund as much of Phase 1 construction costs as possible through three-year commitments in order to minimize long-term debt. Through pre-campaign conversations, surveys, data analysis, and demographic considerations conducted and provided by Horizons Stewardship, a tangible benchmark is to raise at least $2,000,000 in three-year commitments.

The total cost for our Phase 1 building is estimated between $7 and $8 million. This includes all construction costs, site preparation costs, entrance and road improvement costs, signage and landscaping costs, and all furniture, fixtures, and equipment expenses. It’s important to note, however, that no decisions on the building’s construction will be made prior to receiving commitments from this campaign, so that we can responsibly build within the resources provided and manage long-term debt.

Continue to gather for worship and begin to pray a simple prayer, “God, what do you want to do for the community through me?” For now, you are invited to seek God’s direction and consider your part in the For The Community emphasis. In the weeks ahead, you will receive more information and inspiration during special worship experiences and other gatherings. Then, on November 17, we will celebrate Commitment Sunday and invite you to make your commitment to the For The Community campaign. The three-year contribution period for this gift will commence in January 2020 and continue through December 2022.

In order to be For The Community, we want our building to serve the various needs of the community, and be available for use throughout the week, not just on Sunday. In addition to hosting our worship services, Village Youth and Village Kids activities, and Sent Sunday events, the building will be designed so that spaces can serve multiple functions. With the building plans still being drafted, we can’t commit to any specific uses yet, but we want to be able to use all of our spaces to serve the community. Potential uses include: Our nursery functioning as a daycare or preschool throughout the week, our office space including rentable co-working space, our worship auditorium being used for school plays, community events, and meetings, and our lobby, café, and playground serving as a place to work, relax, and spend time together throughout the week.

The For The Community campaign will run throughout this fall, with an announcement of the total of three-year commitments occurring on December 15th, 2019. In early spring of 2020, a congregational vote will occur to approve final designs and construction costs. Following approval, construction will begin with groundbreaking occurring in late spring or early summer of 2020. Finally, the grand opening of our ministry center is scheduled for fall of 2021.

We have contracted EOA Architects as our architects, T.W. Frierson Contractor as our building contractor, and CTS AVL as our audio-visual consultants, for this project. These decisions were made through extensive interviews and consultation with the Building Team and Lead Team, each of which are comprised of members of The Village.

The For The Community campaign will lead us to the creation of Phase 1 of our building which is planned to include: a 500-seat multipurpose worship and youth center, flexible children’s space and nursery, a lobby and café, and space for our pastoral and staff offices. Within these plans, there is room to expand and repurpose space intentionally, so that as we grow, the building remains welcoming and easy to navigate. Phase 2 would likely include the expansion of the lobby area and construction of a larger worship space separate from the 500-seat worship and youth center.