Communications Request

As our Church, team, and needs all grow, we want to have one central place where we can submit needs for our ministries! This is that place. Use the form below and review the timeline requirements to submit your request for help in creating, advertising, planning, and/or communicating your event or resource. The Communications Team is meant to be a resource for the whole church and we want to help you feel equipped and empowered to spread the word about your ministry while keeping everything cohesive! Upon completion of the form, a Communications team member will reach out to you about your request.

Request Timeline Requirements

Different needs require different timelines! In order to help your ministry accomplish its goals, please provide your communications request via the form below while abiding by the following timelines for requests:

  • Advertisement – Social Media / Google (1 Week Minimum)
  • Communications Plan – Event (12 Week Minimum)
  • Communications Plan – Worship Series (10 Week Minimum)
  • Email (1 Week Minimum)
  • Graphic (3 Week Minimum)
  • Printed Material (2 Week Minimum, 4 Week Minimum for Mailers)
  • Social Media Post (1 Week Minimum)
  • Video (5 Week Minimum)
  • Website Update ( 1 Week Minimum)

Communications Request

Village Staff request help from the communications team using this form.
  • Please provide all relevant info about this project. Describe the resource(s) or event(s) you need to be communicated, who you are trying to communicate to, and how you need our help!
  • What kind of project would you consider this to be?
  • Share what you've already said so that we can match some details and alter the voice to fit The Village's voice!
  • How have you leveraged your communications to share this? OR how are you intending to share this once content has been completed?
  • Graphics, logos, plans, descriptions, copy used - anything relevant to helping us fulfill your request! If your files won't upload they may be too large, in which case, please upload to here:
    Drop files here or