Most of us would say we believe in God. Maybe at one time you even felt like you were close to God, but after a year like the one we’ve had, a lot of us have drifted. We’ve lost our way. Life has happened to us or around us, and now something is missing. Wherever you’re from, whatever your past or your hurts or your regrets, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, you have something deep inside of you that’s longing for love, for purpose, for meaning. Summer’s over, and now’s a chance for a new start. Join us for our series “Coming Back Home” starting August 22nd and see if this might be the chance to find what you’re looking for.

Key Scriptures:  Luke 15:11-24

Topics: Longing, Regret, Help, Love, Alive

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Curated just for these series, here are some songs that will remind you of God’s promises, help you navigate the difficult seasons, and give you an opportunity to stop, pray, and worship!

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