The Village exists to help people who feel far from God or disconnected from the church connect to Jesus and a community of Jesus followers. Everything we do is meant to serve this purpose.

We accomplish this by helping people to become followers of Jesus who connect, grow, give and go. We believe we can do this by prioritizing and practicing habits that followers of Jesus have done for thousands of years including worshiping, spending time in prayer and the Bible, serving one another, spending time in group communities, and giving generously. If you’d like to be a disciple who connects, grows, gives, and goes here is our challenge:

to Jesus and a community of Jesus followers.

We do this through weekly worship and commitment to study and devotion. We’re challenging you to connect to Jesus by giving God the first day of your week, prioritizing worship, and by giving God the first 15 minutes of your day by reading the Bible and praying.

Daily Bible

in our trust and understanding of who Jesus is and our willingness to follow him.

We do this through gathering in relationship with other people in Village Groups. We’re challenging you to grow in Jesus by joining a short-term Village Group between now and Easter or recommitting to your existing group.

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generously of our gifts and resources to God’s Kingdom work.

We do this through sharing our financial resources to bless the community and by sharing the cost of being the church together. We are challenging you to give, and if you feel up to the challenge, to give God the first 10% of your income between now and Easter.


to reach and serve our neighbors with the love of Jesus.

We do this by serving and loving the people within our spheres of influence and our relational networks, investing in them, sharing the love of God with them, and inviting them to join us on the journey to follow Jesus. We’re challenging you to go do something tangible to love and serve a neighbor in need.

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