Beam Signing

Sunday, Apr. 25th, in lieu of our in-person services at Sunset Middle we’ll gather together to worship for the first time in our building! There won’t be walls, but that’s actually the point! In these services, you’re invited to worship, hear a quick message, and spend time praying over the building by signing and leaving notes and scripture on the beams of our building. It will be a powerful time where we thank God for everything he has done, mark our building as a space dedicated to God and being for the community, and begin the legacy of worship that this space will have for generations to come!

Register to join us at either 9:00 or 10:30am using the links below!

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Click the button 👉 to submit your prayer or message and our staff will go and sign the beams with your message on your behalf!

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Register for our Beam Signing Worship at either 9 or 10:30am using the links below!


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